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Philosophy of River Place Technologies, LLC

"In industry, things generally go right about 97 times out of 100. That's between Three and Four Sigma. For example, quality like this means 5,000 incorrect surgical operations per week, 20,000 lost articles of mail per hour, and hundred of thousands of wrong drug prescriptions filled per year." *

If we were to apply the same rule above to the construction process, what would we discover?

River Place Technologies, LLC (RPT) is passionate about providing our clients the highest level of expertise available for their projects. By utilizing "out of the box" thinking; we orchestrate in-depth discussions to assist our client's in identifying their needs to achieve their goals. Often in the design through the completion of the construction phase, there can be a communications breakdown. Our goal is to enhance the communications and the understanding of the processes. By perusing this philosophy we create the opportunity for our client's perception's to become their reality. This is accomplished by our commitment to promote open dialog, provide documented findings and accurate evaluations.

At River Place Technologies, LLC we are not striving for uniformity - we are striving for EXCELLENCE!
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